Frequently asked questions

Laminates/ceramic veneers are made from very durable material and lasts longer than ourselves.

Check-up by dentist and professional cleaning has to be after 6 month recommended.Everyday excellent dental cleaning and flossing is mandatory to avoid dental decay and caries.

The need of changing the laminates might come with an age as the gums recede and the edges become visible because of the difference of the colour of the teeth. There will be no black edges. Laminates will be fixed by using the composite materials and with special strong “bonding” material.

No it can’t. Cavity might occur in the tooth under the laminate. The important thing is that it is discovered and treated as soon as possible. Thats why it is highly recommended to have a check up once every 6 months just like with the regular teeth.

Laminates which are fixed by using the right materials won’t wear off as the bond between the tooth and laminate is very strong. Although the danger occurs when the back teeth wear off as the years go by or they are missing. When the back-teeths are missing then it drops abnormally large load of pressure on the edge of the front teeth and it might break off the laminate or even break the laminate with your own tooth. If it happens you can fix the situation by using the pin and crown. The crown is made of the similar material as the crown and with its shape and colour it fits in perfectly amongst the laminates.

And of course the back teeths must be restored, to balance the chewing pressure.

For a healthy grown up whitening is not harmful.

Although it is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Patients who have fillings have to keep in mind that the fillings won’t get whiter yet you can replace them with the lighter fillings.

Patients who have fractures, tots or fluorosis spots in their enamel should know that after whitening these structural changes might become more noticeable. These type of patients are not the best candidates for whitening because most likely they will not achieve desired results and because of that they should consider other options to achieve desired white smile(crowns and laminates etc)

After whitening it is necessary to follow a diet – 48 hours without any colourful foods or drinks and avoid smoking. It is necessary to maintain the result.

If the filling on a bite surface has worn off then too much pressure falls on the side of the tooth while chewing and biting and the side of the tooth tend to fracture. If the fracture is deep then it might end up with removing the whole tooth or with removing the root of the tooth because if the fracture is going between the roots it is not fixable.

Replace the worn off filling even if you don’t have a visible cavity next to the filling.

Your dentist is more then qualified to observe the normal bitting. In case of overload(grinding teeth, pushing teeth together in case of stress) you are able to order a special thin tooth protection.

If there has been a long break from your last visit to your dentist my first recommendation is a professional teeth cleaning: tartar build up removing using “Airflow” and after that removing and replacing worn off and darkened fillings. X-ray/panora X-ray is helping to set the exact diagnose and treatment plan because they will show the state of the roots and your jaw. Long-term chronicle infections in jaw might not give out any signal of pain for decades, yet is a great danger to your general health. Infection under the root is contributing to heart and kidney disease.

The installment option helps to implement Kreditex