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We started on December 18, 1998 in the premises of the family doctor center Sinu Arst. We offered 24-hour dental first aid - as a new service for the patients of the family doctor center.

Dental care proved to be popular among patients, and gradually, listening to the recommendations of acquaintances, we were valued by patients who value high-quality treatment.

We use wear-resistant and reliable dental materials recognized by the dentists as the best in the world. Using the best modern materials, we will heal your teeth.

Soovime vastata oma klientide ootustele, mis järjest enam väärtustavad märkamatut loomulikkust “hambadisainis”, kuid samas hindavad perfektset teostust ja head teenindust. Meie eesmärk on LOOMULIK NAERATUS.

From January 1, 2004 we expanded and we were renamed Studio Dental Beauty.

In connection with the introduction of the "Waterlas" laser drill and the "LaserSmile" whitening laser, we also changed the name of the clinician. From 2012 you will find us on the new floor of the same building: Dental Beauty Laser Clinic RadissonBlu Hotel Olümpia on the 14th floor.

Cabinet of Dr. Anneli Aleksius